August 9, 2010

Who took the beetroot juice?

I must have been channelling the colour violet thru May-June ... not only did I finish my Patons Shrug in Mist (that's what the last post was and once I can get a photo of it on me, I shall report back as it was a great pattern), but I almost managed to grow this violet coloured thing in the vege garden. I'm sure it was meant to be a broccoli or a cauliflower but the fact that I gave up on my winter garden months ago means I really have no idea. It was planted very close to a patch of beetroot which also failed ... maybe the beetroot failed because the thing sucked up it's violet juice? Whatever it was it went to seed immediately from this size, so I didn't need to try and eat it.

How's your winter vege garden going? I'm already thinking of how I can re-position mine for a bumper summer crop.


Jessicah Win said...

Oh I planted those on purpose! They're a variety of cauliflower- meant to be that glorious colour! I'm eating lots of brassicas, but also plotting a plot extension into the sunnier part of the orchard!

Jasmine said...

That's good to hear Jessicah - was starting to think I had something wrong with the garden soil out west! SOOO jealous you have an orchard - Yum!

kiwicarole said...

This looks amazing! How pretty, and your knitting is gorgeous too!! Very clever!